About Comindivion

In old times people kept in mind whole books, tales and stories. Nowaday most of us keep in mind tons of references to the multiple objects (events, places, books etc). So, main aim of this application - to extend our reference memory and provide a simple interface for filling, visualization and searching.

That is why here you have only one endless field and can build there your own mind map. And that is why you can link any objects with each over. Because you do exactly the same within your mind. And, finally, you can search over all objects from your "mind" and look on their relations.

How to start usage?

This is very simple. Go to Predicates page and create there the types of relations from your usually thinking process. For example: "Is author of", "Mentioned in", "Provided by", "Quote from" and so on.

After creation of Predicates go to the Interactive view and to place there all objects, which you want to be remembered somewhere in the future.

That's all. Good luck!

Example of network

Here is small example of the network with objects and relations: